Loft Bed Shopping Tips

If you’re trying to maximize floor space in your children’s bedroom, loft beds chicago stores have are a great alternative to get the space you need, and add a fun and updated look to the ambiance of the room. Not all loft beds are made alike, however, and there are aspects to keep in mind when shopping for the right loft bed for your child.  Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a loft bed. 

What size loft bed is best?

Measurements of the room and the space you need are extremely important when it comes to purchasing the right loft bed.  You’ll need to know your total floor space, plus the height of your ceiling, along with how much space you’re going to want available under the bed for storage.

Are there weight limits on a loft bed?

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These days, loft beds are made for all sizes of people, but you will want to check to make sure that the bed kit you purchase will accommodate the primary person who will be sleeping in it.  Most loft kits will indicate the maximum weight so you can plan accordingly.

Should I get a loft bed with guard rails?

Loft beds for adults typically don’t need guardrails, but loft beds for children should always include them for safety reasons.  While loft beds are a safe and fun alternative for a child’s bedroom, you want to make sure you protect them from a fall.

What options do I have for the space?

The great thing about loft beds is the extra space they create.  In a child’s bedroom, great ideas to use that new space include creating a cozy reading nook with a beanbag chair, bookshelf and lamp, making a fun play area that includes toy bins and ample play space, or create a workstation for an older child with a desk and computer.

Loft beds make for a fun and unique room for kids and allow you to have the space needed.  Know what you’re looking for when you go shopping and you’re sure to get a loft bed system that will grow with your child and allow them to customize the look of their room for years to come.